Plan Design and Implementation:

In deciding how to approach employee benefits, there are a number of internal corporate factors that serve to help shape plan design. Pension Financial Services looks at all things related to:

In addition to corporate culture, the demographics of the workforce also impact program and plan design. In order for retirement plans to be effective, they must answer the needs of the population they are benefiting. The following areas of employee demographics must be incorporated into any thoughtful plan design:

We work closely with plan sponsors to frame the best plan design possible.



Most plans must pass rigorous tests annually to ensure that the plans are not discriminatory and are of fair and equal benefit to all employees. When a plan fails a test, the sponsor may have to take corrective measures or be subject to fines. A consequence of failing a test and not correcting the failure could be plan disqualification.

These tests can include: We work closely with plan sponsors to ensure these tests are passed and or rectified.


Government Reporting:

Government reporting for a retirement plan includes: BACK TO TOP ^

Plan Administration:

Plan administration for a retirement plan includes: BACK TO TOP ^

3 (16) Fiduciary Services

Are you too busy to focus on your retirement plan? Would your employees' time be better spent working on things other than your retirement plan? Could your company be more effective if someone else were handling the administrative functions of your retirement plan? And would you love it if someone else would take on nearly all of the fiduciary requirements and responsibilities?

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